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  • . Stays in

    I love that I stays in all day, as opposed to other similar products
  • Caboki hides scalp

    Nice coverage and less embarrassment
  • My auto esteem increased

    Excellent product
  • Not easy to use

    This product is definitely not easy to use the way they show you in the video. I wound up using a makeup brush and pouncing it on, much like you would do with a powder like the product Great Hair Day.
  • Not great for front hair line

    Worked excellent for back of head but not good for front of hair line
  • Free sample of Caboki

    I received a sample of Caboki about a week ago. I was impressed. It wasn't anything like I expected and it actually works.
  • Caboki a Great Supplement

    I bought this product to supplement my hair transplant to fill in the gaps. The good thing about this product is that people don't notice the difference from normal hair and it blends perfectly.
  • wont leave home without it

    just an outstanding product
  • caboki gives me confidence

    I ordered a free sample of caboki. excellent product for females with very thin hair/ baldness. will definitely be ordering more product.
  • Got his confidence back!

    First day in two years my husban Didnt leave the house wearing a hat. He’s 23 and has struggled with a drastic receding hairline in the front and sides for 5 years. I bought this as a surpise hoping (praying) it wasnt a scam. Ten minutes later he looks in the mirror and I kid you not first thing he says is “my god, I’m handsome!” Of course I think he’s handsome anyways but its really refreshing to see him proudly put it on in the mornings and go confidently about his day. Appearance is very important to him as he is in the entertainment industry and balding, while it sucks at any ......more